Population and banks : clasification of commercial banks and their organizational structure

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PDF: Author(s): Goncharov A. I., Goncharova M. V.,
Number of journal: 3(16) Date: August 2011

Various kinds of banks are functioning in the economics. They are classified by various criteria: by functional purpose, by the types of property, organizational and legal form, by the nature and amount of carried out operations, activity scales, availability of branch network and regional location. In its turn, the internal organizational structure of credit company depends on its commercial strategy, therefore it can be individual for each bank. The correct organizational structure of commercial bank provides efficiency of its management, optimum personnel structure and document circulation, and serves as the tool of stimulation of employees, and the basis of successful functioning of credit institution as a whole.


classification, bank of issue, universal bank, specialized banks, mortgage bank, savings banks, joint-stock banks, organizational structure of bank, functional structure, matrix structure, marketing-oriented structure

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