Essence and indicators of economic stability and industrial enterprises

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PDF: Author(s): Shmidt A. V.,
Number of journal: 3(16) Date: August 2011

Management of an industrial enterprise development is connected with the support of stability of its economic activities. Working out of the long-term strategy focused on achievement of the set social and economic indices should include the analysis of their dynamics and provide minimization of expenses on the goal achievement. Objectively the existing uncertainty of the environment of an industrial enterprise causes revolting influences in the course of movement to the set goal and predetermines various indicators of efficiency of its achievement. In the theoretical and methodical plan especially actual are the issues of selection of economic criteria of evaluation of the industrial enterprise stability in a context of its development dynamics. The probabilistic-statistical approach to the formation of indicators of evaluation of the industrial enterprise economic stability is presented in the article.


economic stability, revolting influences, factor of economic stability stock, economic-mathematical models, mini-economic system, economic analysis, probability of achievement of the goal, phase trajectory, phase space, monetary stream, industrial enterprise

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