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PDF: Author(s): Pismennaya S. V.,
Number of journal: 3(16) Date: August 2011

The issues of recycling of solid domestic waste are reviewed in the article and basic methods of recycling are underlined. The given article analyzed inefficiency of the use of waste in the Russian economy, which negatively affects ecology. Basically in Russia the method of wastes burial at the landfill is used, which aren’t equipped with the process equipment for methane processing. It is necessary to develop and introduce the projects of methane extraction and use it as the source of thermal and electric power. It is necessary to pay attention to separate wastes gathering, which cannot be done without interaction of the state authorities, cleaning companies and manufacturers improvement means. The author of article believes that in the Russian Federation it is necessary to establish the new bill that contains rules of reasonable handling of solid waste by population. It is necessary to consider the experience of European countries in economic aspect of wastes recycling. It will allow economical spending of natural resources, without impacting the environment.


solid domestic waste, recycling, economic aspect, ecology, wastes burial, dump, landfill, methane, separate gathering of wastes, cleaning companies, contamination, environment, project on methane gathering, bill, effective wastes handling

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