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PDF: Author(s): Belyaeva O. A.,
Number of journal: 3(60) Date: August 2022

The materials of the presented research are based on the ideas of humanistic pedagogy and psychology and the system-activity approach as key vectors of the functioning of the modern system of general education. The requirements of the federal state educational standard in the field of formation of personal educational results of students indicate a high interest of the state and society in the formation of a system of significant social priorities of the younger generation. The practice of organizing psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process at school clearly indicates the need to build a system of monitoring studies that can provide up-to-date objective information about the specifics of the value choices of modern schoolchildren in the current situation of significant regulatory instability and the destruction of ties between generations. The publication reflects the author’s experience in this direction. The materials of the article reflect the results of a long-term empirical study of the value orientations of adolescents throughout this age period. Based on a survey of students aged 12 to 17 years, a description of changes in their value attitude to a number of significant objects is presented in accordance with the groups of personal results identified in educational standards; the identified trends are characterized and the dynamics of the formation of a system of adolescents’ ideas about the value of the surrounding world, relationships with other people, about themselves as a developing personality is described; the assessment of the stability of the emerging value-oriented space and the degree of its dependence on external circumstances is given. The article contributes to the understanding of the modern features of the development of the adolescent community, and taking into account the identified current situation, it allows us to identify significant areas of psychological and pedagogical support for schoolchildren in the formation of their ideas about the world and themselves as a subject of life.


teenager, high school student, choice, values, value orientations, priority system, sustainability, situativeness, basic school, secondary school, personal educational outcomes, monitoring

For citation:

Belyaeva O. A. Formation of value orientations of modern teenagers: empirical research experience. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 3, pp. 437—443. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.60.367.