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PDF: Author(s): Kiseleva T. G., Maslenkov D. E.,
Number of journal: 3(60) Date: August 2022

The relevance of the research topic is due to the increase in the number of children with disabilities who come to study at school, therefore, any teacher should be ready to work with this category of students. On the other hand, only theoretical knowledge in the field of correctional psychology and pedagogy does not guarantee the success of inclusive education, since many teachers are psychologically unprepared to accept a child with developmental disabilities, and as a result, cannot provide educational work with other children aimed at accepting a child with disabilities. Preparation for work in inclusive education must begin at a teacher training college, which is the emphasis in this study. Taking the concept of “readiness for professional activity” as a basis, we adapted it, considering the components of readiness to work in an inclusive environment, while highlighting the invariant component of readiness and the variable block. The readiness of future teachers to work in conditions of inclusive education, according to the authors, consists of the following components: motivational-value, cognitive, activity, reflective. During the study, a hypothesis was put forward that volunteer activities are the most effective tool for shaping the readiness of future teachers. The obtained results detail the patterns in the field of pedagogical psychology, special psychology and correctional pedagogy, as well as the methods of professional education. It is planned to continue this topic in a comparative aspect to assess the readiness for the implementation of inclusive education among graduates of the pedagogical college and pedagogical university.


inclusive education, college students, education of children with disabilities, teacher-defectologist, professional readiness, motivation and value component, cognitive component, activity component, reflexive component, volunteering

For citation:

Kiseleva T. G., Maslenkov D. E. Teacher training college students’ readiness to work in an inclusive education setting. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 3, pp. 314—318. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.60.313.