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PDF: Author(s): Ponomariova O. N., Vasinа O. N.,
Number of journal: 3(60) Date: August 2022

The article presents a theoretical justification of the possibilities of using materials of geographical and ecological content in the process of forming the experience of emotional and value attitude to nature, people, work, profession, the Fatherland (including the native language, the history of the country), the world as a whole. The authors consider the possibilities of using the developed module “Geography of the native land (republic, region, city, district)” in professional education when forming the experience of emotional and value attitude in the training of future teachers. The article presents the thematic planning of the module “Geography of the native land” and examines the panorama of research projects of geographical and ecological directions, the methodology of which is studied in the preparation of bachelors of pedagogical education. The article presents options for including the local history component (traditions, customs, norms of behavior) in the content of education through the “presentation” of educational material as an adapted social experience combining the experience of eco-oriented cognitive activity, the experience of eco-oriented ways of activity, the experience of creative eco-oriented activities and the experience of emotional and value attitude to nature. The authors emphasize the possibilities of learning educational material through problem tasks (cases) to work in small groups. The inclusion of proverbs and sayings in the content of education as “case-reflections», which actualize valuable information (as “genetic memory of generations”), influence the consciousness of students, stimulate and develop their sense of responsibility for preserving the nature of their native land, native language, history and culture of their native country, is justified. The authors emphasize that the presented case tasks have a pronounced educational orientation towards the formation of the experience of emotional and value attitude, contribute to the activation of cognitive activity and the development of critical thinking in students.


vocational education, teacher education, experience of emotional and value attitude, geographic education, environmental education, composition and content of education, local history, case tasks, group work

For citation:

Vasinа O. N., Ponomariova O. N. Implementation of ecological aspects of geographical education through the formation of experience of emotional and value attitude. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 3, pp. 331—335. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.60.316.