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PDF: Author(s): Ya. I. Vaslavskiy,
Number of journal: 3(60) Date: August 2022

The article explores the problems of the dialectics of the relationship between the modern state and society on the basis of a structural representation of the state in systemic integrity created by man. The assessment of the missed opportunities for the progressive development of the countries of the world, presented by the author, is associated with the long-standing problems of the “ineffective activity” of the state, which were revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the study, it was shown that more than 2 thousand years of the existence of the state have not brought humanity closer to understanding this phenomenon, and it still remains obscure. The COVID-19 pandemic has confronted humanity with the problem of a humanitarian catastrophe, the limited capabilities of modern medicine to quickly block the spread of an infection dangerous to humans, prevent deaths for infected people, and successfully treat patients with severe consequences of coronavirus infection. In addition to these fundamental problems in society, the processes of expanding the area of distrust of citizens in their state and the growth of public dissatisfaction with its actions are aggravated. Using the example of considering a possible scenario for the development of post-COVID reality, the author substantiates the uncertainty of the role of the state in it, as well as the direction of change in the modern state in order to prevent universal catastrophes at the time of their inception. For this, according to the author, interdisciplinary areas of research are seen as extremely productive. They make it possible to theoretically interpret the phenomenon of the state on the platform of systematic research using dialectical logic and from the approaches of Douglas North. It was found that the organic integration of interdisciplinary research allows substantiating a number of conclusions regarding the phenomenon of the state, which reveal the dialectical relationship between the state, society and the economy. From this follows an understanding of the dialectical connection of the policy of the state, as well as the patterns of change in economic and social systems.


national economic systems, state, formal and informal institutions, society, economy, societal crisis, system formations, dialectics of interaction, post-COVID reality, interdisciplinary research

For citation:

Vaslavskiy Ya. I. Dialectics of the relationship between the modern state and society. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 3, pp. 92—98. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.60.342.