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PDF: Author(s): G. Yu. Karaseva, I. E. Polyakova,
Number of journal: 3(60) Date: August 2022

The article is devoted to the study of the principles of the formation and selection of new marketing tools by a tourist enterprise in the current economic conditions. The successful activity of a modern tourist enterprise is based on a carefully thought-out marketing policy, which is the key to its development, maintaining its image, increasing competitive advantages and increasing sales. The marketing strategy of an enterprise is formed as a system of interrelated techniques and tools. At the same time, most of these tools, as a rule, are located in the field of digital marketing. This trend is dictated by the rapid pace of development of the digital economy, in particular the digitalization of the tourism sector, in which a parallel and coordinated process of digitalization of the tourist is taking place. The growth in the number of amateur tourists who are advanced Internet users, who are able and prefer to independently perform all the necessary actions for selecting a tour, choosing objects of visit, accommodation, buying tickets via applications on a gadget or specialized websites, has put tour operators and travel agents in front of the task of adapting to this kind of customer requests and thus forming a new, digital marketing toolkit. However, the choice of marketing tools should not be a spontaneous and chaotic process for a tourism enterprise. Properly conducted marketing research allows you to correctly determine the target audience of the company and make a choice of methods, techniques and marketing tools. However, there are a number of preferred digital marketing tools that are effectively used by most modern travel agencies. The authors of the article pay great attention to the description of the advantages and disadvantages of these tools, which impact their choice.


tourism industry, digital marketing in tourism, digital marketing, tourism enterprise, tourism marketing tools, marketing research, marketing strategy, marketing communications, targeting, landing page

For citation:

Polyakova I. E., Karaseva G. Yu. New marketing tools in the activity of a tourist enterprise: trends in formation and selection. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 3, pp. 43—48. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.60.314.