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PDF: Author(s): Yu. N. Sagidov,
Number of journal: 3(60) Date: August 2022

The subject and purpose of the study is to characterize and evaluate the current system of regulatory and legal support for the development of sectoral specialization of the regional economy, which is a constitutive factor in the economic arrangement of the country’s economy, as well as to substantiate measures to improve the system of stimulating the economic orientation of the country’s regions. The article argues that industry specialization, the positive value of which was substantiated by the classics of economic science, not under all circumstances leads to the sustainable development of regions, and identifies the conditions under which the desired effect can be achieved. The analysis and evaluation of the existing regulatory and legal support of the spatial arrangement of the country in the processes of development and implementation of long-term programs of socio-economic development are carried out. It has been established that the existing regulatory and legal provisions contribute to the weak performance of one of the main functions of public administration — the revival of the social environment with healthy market relations; The economic orientation of the regions is achieved by non-market imperative methods of regulating the narrowed composition of the branches of specialization, which is due to a deformed understanding of the essence of the fundamental foundations of the economic orientation of the regions. Negatives are identified as well, which are also due to the imperfection of the regulatory and legal support of industry specialization, among which the determinants of negative factors are: a break in the mutually conditioning relationship between economic and social development, a slowdown in the development of economically relatively prosperous regions and the preservation of the state of a permanent increase in the backwardness of the regions of the economically peripheral part of Russia, aggravating problem of unemployment in labor-surplus regions. A list of causal negative factors and threats to the preservation of social stability at the regional and national levels is given, and measures to prevent them are identified. Measures of revision and improvement of the entire system of normative legal acts according to the criteria for ensuring sustainable interrelated social and economic development are proposed.


region, economic zoning, spatial arrangement of the country, legal acts, strategic planning, sectoral specialization, imperative regulation, inhibition of development initiatives, conservation of backwardness, improvement measures

For citation:

Sagidov Yu. N. The current system of industry specialization of the regions of Russia as a factor of impeding economic development. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 3, pp. 134—140. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.60.353.