Rostov region: Analysis of effect expected FOM joining the WTO (World Trade Organization)

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PDF: Author(s): Bondarenko N. P.,
Number of journal: 4(17) Date: November 2011
Annotation: In the framework of the economic globalization, when 153 countries are the members of the WTO and it regulates more than 90 % of the whole trade of goods and services, Russia has to take its own place in the economic system. According to research result of readiness of SFD regional business on the threshold of Russian joining to the WTO, the general conclusion can be drawn of rather low potential of competitiveness of most small and medium enterprises. Large plant facilities, agricultural holding companies and processing industry are ready to work in conditions of the WTO membership mostly. In whole, features, scale, structure of the economics and the level of regulatory enforcement in Rostov region make it possible to hope for favorable joining of the largest budget-forming enterprises to the WTO incidence. In its turn, this guarantees social stability in the region and opportunity resource maneuvers for evening-out the consequences of local negative tendencies, which can appear in some regions (especially country ones).

World Trade Organization, South Federal District, globalization, world economics, membership in WTO, foreign trade indicators, foreign-economic activity, export-import transactions, competitiveness, small and medium entrepreneurship

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