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PDF: Author(s): Drobotova O. O.,
Number of journal: 4(17) Date: November 2011

The credit-investment activity of a commercial bank at arrangement of the project crediting is accompanied by the credit-investment risk that is the risk of non-payment of the major debt and interests of the project credit. The factors of the credit-investment risk are formed by the activity of the design company-loaner, bank, as well as by external business environment. Being the composite, the credit-investment risk of design crediting includes external, design and internal risks. The system of management of the credit-investment risk at the commercial bank is a totality of the forms and methods of impact on the structure of the credit0investment operations in order to limit the risk of the transaction of the design crediting. Whereas, the object of management is the credit-investment risk, the flow of loaned amount, the credit relations between the bank and the design company-loaner.


risk of design credit, credit-investment risk of a bank, factors of credit-investment risk, external creditinvestment risk, project risk, internal credit-investment risk, management of credit-investment risk, principles of risk management, objectives of risk management, stages of risk management

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