quality of ENACTMENTS of THE local self-government: legal aspects

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PDF: Author(s): Komleva O. V.,
Number of journal: 4(17) Date: November 2011

The article is devoted to the actual problems, concerning “quality” of enactments accepted by the local government authorities, as well as presents the different points of view of researchers on the given problems. The local government authorities solve significant amount of issues of local value, and this demands acceptance of regulatory legal enactments by the municipal authorities; and in this regards the given activity is performed by the representative local government authorities. The value of quality preparation of regulatory legal enactments accepted by the local government authorities is constantly increasing in the modern conditions and permanent loading of the local government authorities. Practical activity also demonstrates that the local government authorities pretty often accept “low-quality”, «defective», or “invalid” regulatory legal enactments. The article has analyzed and presented the major types of defects of legal enactments, and has justified the necessity of implementation of anti-corruption expertise and monitoring of accepted enactments. The author has formulated the general conclusions on the possible reasons of “defects” of enactments and has proposed the rules assisting their elimination..


lawmaking, legislation, subject of legal regulation, municipal legal enactment, representative body of local self-government, officer, municipal entity charter, provision, project, competence, defect, quality, legal technique, planning, judicial control, anti-corruption expertise, conflict of the law rules, monitoring

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