Legislative basis of LAND PLOTS TURNOVER within specially protected territories

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PDF: Author(s): Dorzhi-Gorayeva E. V.,
Number of journal: 4(17) Date: November 2011

In the present article the author has analyzed the legal basis regulating the relations in sphere of acquisition, restriction and termination of the rights on the land plots within the specially protected territories. The author has used the official statistics as the information justifying the scale of the object of legal regulation, as well as illustrating the ratio of the forms of ownership of the said category lands; and gas stated the specific features inherent in legal relations in this sphere. The most important legal enactments serving as the source of legal regulation of the land plots turnover within the specially protected territories have been analyzed in details.


: land plot, property right, land of specially protected territories, source of legal regulation, land category, land use, protection of land, wildlife reserve, resort, land code, civil code, land dispute, transfer of land, recreational value

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