Communicative concept of childrens’ discourse speech forming

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PDF: Author(s): Kazantseva L. I.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

This article has investigated the properties of discourse as the social cognitive and communicative form of speech interaction, the research of psychological linguistics and linguistic didactics of children’s discourse have been analyzed. Methodological aspects of the formation of dialogic and monologue discourse of elder preschoolers (in the context of communicative concept of education) have been lightened, as well as the requirements to establishing and management of the training communication situations, the algorithm of formation of dialogue and monologue skills. The general characteristic of the discourse activity has been given in the methodic of formation of preschoolers’ communicative speech.


discourse, discourse activity, text, expression, dialogue speech, monologue speech, communicative aspect of teaching, communicative goal, communicative motives and demands, communicative functions of the language units, communicative teaching situation

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