The issue of formation of professional demands of senior pupils to themselves in the process of career guidance

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PDF: Author(s): Okhrimenko Z. V.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The article has analyzed the concept of «demand to oneself», has revealed the peculiarities of the demand to oneself on ontogenesis. The author has underlined the urgency of establishing the professional demand to oneself as it is the important characteristic of a human being providing his success in professional education, activity and creativity. In youth the necessity of professional and individual self-determination specifies activation of the young man self-consciousness; determines its substantial characteristic and becomes the main moving force of the further development. At the same time, the process of professional self-determination requires maximum efforts, activity, independence and responsibility and therefore demand to oneself. With regards to the fact that professional orientation is one of the most effective conditions of the individual preparation to professional activity, it should be aimed at the youth preparation to the realities of professional life, to training the qualities characterizing professional.


demand to oneself, activity, senior pupil, professional self-determination, career guidance, self-education, professional, professional activity, demand at primary school, demand of teenager

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