Analytical review of the regional target programs as the financial tool for resolving the issues of povety

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PDF: Author(s): Aksenova T. N., Boldyreva S. B.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

Currently, the program-target method is widely used as an important tool for the implementation of the State social and economic policy development, as well as is one of the few public control levers to overcome the social and economic problems in a steadily depressed region. The article reviews the regional target programs that are examined in terms of the financial instrument used to meet the local socio-economic challenges in the region, including those related to poverty. Their most important feature is to define, on the basis of public value, the economic and social viability of the development priorities and the order of implementation of the program activities at the Federal, regional or local levels. The study of the dynamics of the regional target programs from the point of view of their financial support and results evaluation revealed to the potential and actual factors that could have an impact on the problem of poverty in the region.


target programs, socio-economic problems, financial instrument, issues of poverty, regional problems, depressed region, analysis, management instrument, living standard, efficiency

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