Government support and the prospects for regional small business development in the crisis

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PDF: Author(s): Kovalenko N. V., Lobyzenkova V. A.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The economic crisis is objectively a natural phenomenon, which is indicative of violation of the law of proportional development of mechanisms of social production. The economics of modern Russia is characterized by a situation of unavailability of enterprises to economic crisis. Currently most enterprises established in the area of small business are not able to forecast the crisis situation and promptly take the necessary measures for stabilization of economic activity. Any enterprise and, therefore the economy of the country, can develop in crisis-free space only with effective state policy of rehabilitation measures. Small enterprises as unstable entrepreneurial structure and the most dependent on the fluctuations of the market require comprehensive state support. The author presents the problems hampering the development of small business and recommendations that contribute to the sustainable development of small business in the region.


small business, state support, mechanisms of state support, anti-crisis policy, crisis management, labor market, unemployment, employment, economically inactive population, economic crisis

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