Cluster organization of agricultural production as an instrument of technological modernization

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PDF: Author(s): Stukatch V. F., Volkova I. A.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The agro-technological cluster, which activity will be mostly aimed at local markets rather than export products, has been proposed to be developed in the agro-industrial complex. Development of the agro-technological cluster of Omsk region is planned to accomplish on the basis of the process chain principle providing for the close interaction of production and marketing of the finished goods. In order to eliminate risks in the structure of the said cluster, it is expedient to establish micro-clusters. The researches have demonstrated that in the first place it is reasonable to establish grain, milk and meat microclusters. Growth and development of agro-technological cluster is proposed to implement by means of the management and administrative effects.


cluster approach, agro-technological cluster, micro-clusters, agricultural holdings, processing chain, technology transfer center, agriculture, agricultural and industrial complex, risk, cluster

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