Competence-focused approach todevelopment and implementation of the training program of the discipline «drawing» while training bachelors in «architecture», 270100, and «design of architectural environment», 270300

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PDF: Author(s): Nabiev R. A., Podlednev S. N.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The orientation of the training course in drawing towards analytical and constructive directions, which is specified by the training load, has been substantiated with regards to the wide range of the types of professional activity. The range of tasks to be determined and the forms of the discipline studying comply with the creative orientation of occupations; the training process is filled-in with the professional content.


method of drawing teaching, fine arts, constructive and analytical drawing, artificial habitat, volume-spatial interactions, linear (observation) perspective, modeling of three-dimensional form and space, drawings of representation and imagination, professional competence, modeling and harmonization of the artificial environment, copying, focus on constructivism

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