Comprehensive evaluation of the level of innovation potential of the industrial company

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PDF: Author(s): Duplyak O. N.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013
Annotation: This article investigates the economic and mathematical methods and models of the formation of the innovation strategy of the industrial company development based on the evaluation of the company innovation potential, namely, the process of arrangement of the implementation of innovation training strategy based on a comprehensive assessment of the level of the innovation capacity. The dependence of financial and technical components of the company on the selected strategy and the ways of selection of the probable scenario of the company development within the selected strategy. The formation of the innovation capacity components have been developed by means of the expert methods grouped by mathematical statistics. The matrix of selection of innovation development strategy has been established.

strategy innovation, level of innovation, innovation development scenario, expert methods, process modeling, mathematical economics, risk assessment, selection of the optimum, strategic direction, industrial enterprise

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