Corruption as the institutional construct of the modern economic system

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PDF: Author(s): Abubakirov R. M.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The subject of the scientific analysis is corruption as an integral part of the modern economic system. The goal of this study is to reveal the need for studies of the game rules inherent to the subjects’ corruption interactions, to reveal their content and forms, to identify their general and specific features, to reveal complex effects connected with their implementation. Methodology of the work included general scientific methods and principles, as well as the approaches typical to the institutional economics. The results showed that corruption is a selfgenerated process, in which the baseline, existing corruption creates a new corruption in the absence of effective controls; corruption has become the institutional construct of the modern economic system, which defines the rules of the game, regulation and rules for the economic entities in different areas of their work, penetrating into all their interactions and relationships. The performed study can serve as the reference-point for the further scientific researches of this issue, as well as the basis for development of its regulation mechanisms.


endemic corruption, forms of corruption, consequences of corruption, institutional construction, corruption, corruption mechanism, deformation of corruption, dysfunction of corruption, imported institutes, transplantation of institutes

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