General characteristics of the concepts of the labour relations legal regulation in the West European countries

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PDF: Author(s): Semich N. I.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The theories and histories of the branches of law of the West European countries are examined in the article. Their dependence and sequence were defined on the based of the conceptual foundations of the labor regulation legal theories and their results. The legal regulation of labor relations in Ukraine that was recently based on the Soviet legislation is interesting in terms of application of the general, case and legislative law for regulating the conflicts arisen in the West Europe between employers and employees, and their legal consequences. This is of particular importance for determining the dialectical relationship between the socio-economic policy objectives and the law development, which norms regulated labor relations in the West Europe countries.


research, employees, legal regulation, legal theories, income, employers, co-operation, labor relations, exploitation

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