Assessment of the personnel development efficiency of the mining and processing works

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PDF: Author(s): Korolenko R. V.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

Development of theoretical provisions and methodical approaches to the system of the personnel development is presented in the article; the scientific justification of the main directions of improvement of such system is provided in the context of ensuring of the company personnel management efficiency. The actual scientific task consisting in development of methodical approaches to determination of the personnel development efficiency by training and qualification increase of the workers of mining and processing works (MPW) of Krivbass is solved on the basis of conducted scientific researches. Methodical approaches to detection of the training economic efficiency are proved both in terms of the enterprise and worker. The aspects of use of the system of motivation as the means of increasing the human capital of the enterprise that allow increasing economic productivity of work are actualized.


personnel development, personnel management system, human capital, professional development, training, increase of qualification, economic productivity of work, personnel number, mining and processing works

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