Peculiarities of organization of the innovative activities in the industry at the modern stage of the scientific and technical development

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PDF: Author(s): Grinyuk K. P.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The article examines the scientific and technical development in terms of its impact on the arrangement of the innovative activities in the industry. It is shown that currently the society is under the domination of the technologies of the fifth technological way and the simultaneous development of technologies of the sixth technological mode. The article analyses the features of these structures, the conclusion regarding the necessity of inclusion into the innovation process, organized in the manufacturing industry, of education and science, the necessity of strengthening the cooperation between science and production is made on the basis of analysis. The author’s approach to arrangement of the innovative economic activity in the industry providing for simultaneous implementation of scientific researches and arrangement of mass production is proposed.


industry, innovation activity, technology, technological way, scientific and technical development, scientific researches, education, knowledge, production, microelectronics, nanotechnology

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