Features of carrying out market researches in social media

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PDF: Author(s): Tinyakova V. I., Uvarova E. A.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The features of marketing researches in social media are examined in the article. The specificity of standard tasks and tools (questioning, Internet panel, focus group) for carrying out marketing researches in social media is investigated. The specific tasks arising during such researches (increase of the brand popularity, of the customer service quality, of the company operational efficiency, of the marketing strategy efficiency, as well as the search for innovations and generation of the additional revenues), as well as the measures providing for their resolution. Features, advantages and shortcomings of the most popular Russian services of the social media monitoring (YouScan, Semantic Force, IQBuzz, Buzzlook, Brandoscope, Babkee) are analyzed. Recommendations for carrying out marketing researches in social media are formulated.


marketing research, social media, Russian services of monitoring, social media marketing, instruments of market researches, tasks of market researches, marketing, innovations, effectiveness, respondents

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