Changing the type of activity as the way of the company survival

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PDF: Author(s): Kravchenko A.V.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The economic situation at the city formation enterprise is shown in the article. The present recommendations concerning going-out of the economic crisis by means of changing the type of activity is given. The valuation of the investments economic effectiveness spent for modernization of production is fulfilled. The example of tactic investment project as the way of the enterprise support with a lot of social purposes is described in this article. Such investments are considered to be the most risky ones from the economic efficiency point of view. But risk for the social projects support is compensated by the state and, as a rule, the railway construction is paid-back.


city formation enterprise, economic crisis, changing the type of activity, evaluation of effectiveness, tactic investments, enterprise support, social goals, payback period, economic effectiveness of investments, risks

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