Development of classification of the social and economic systems self-arrangement processes at the microlevel

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PDF: Author(s): Shestakova E. V.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

This paper explains the hierarchical classification of the processes of self-arrangement by forms, types and kinds. The existing classification was supplemented with the economic type of self-organization. Specific features of the self-organizing economic systems have been underlined. The content and the mechanisms of the economic systems self-arrangement at micro-level have been revealed. The classification of the selforganizing processes by different indicators, such as the stage, object, degree of regulation, effects of manifestation and the reason of emergence, has been developed. The paper also examines the options of management impacts depending on the type of self-organizing process. The objective of development of the mechanism of management of the self-organized socio-economic systems of microlevel has been set.


self-arrangement, socio-economic system, types of self-arrangement, classification, self-organizing system, enterprise, organization, administrative influence, micro-, macroand mesolevels of self-arrangement, microeconomic self-organizing system

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