Development of the public-private partnership in housing and utilities infrastructure of volgograd region as the factor of improvement of the tenement-houses management mechanism

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PDF: Author(s): Lomova M. N.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The effective management of the tenement-houses is impossible without modernization of the housing and utilities economy. At the current stage the sphere of the housing and utilities of Volgograd region does not seem perspective for investments though they are necessary for its improvement. It is possible to solve this problem by development of the public-private partnership in the house and utilities sector, which will give the inflow of private investments. The implementation of the public-private partnership model shall help to keep and increase the rate of reconstruction and development of the housing and utilities infrastructure systems of Volgograd region, to create favorable conditions for attracting investments in the regional economics.


housing and utilities, public-private partnership, management of the tenement-houses, investments, financing, savings system, modernization, management company, utilities infrastructure, economics, profit

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