Development of new forms of financial and credit relations at the housing market in the conditions of establishing stake-holdings

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PDF: Author(s): Vakulenko V. V.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The article examines the creation and development of new financial institutions and credit facilities of the housing market. Through the establishment of stake-holding as effective associations of the individuals and legal entities the new forms of financial relations are established contributing to the development of the residential real estate crediting system on the conditions more acceptable for consumers. Establishing of stakeholdings as the new organizational forms of the housing market will allow the entities of the real estate market, as well as the companies of different areas of activity entering into mutually beneficial financial relations, expanding the market of activities engaging into economic relations with the participants of stakeholding on the mutually beneficial terms.


stake-holding, credit mechanism, financial and credit relations, credit of stakeholding, financial institutions, financial relations, housing market

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