The role of intangible assets in the competitiveness in the economics of Russia and its regions

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PDF: Author(s): Bazilyuk Yu. O.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The special role of intangible assets in the innovative development of the Russian economics and increase its investment appeal is justified in the article, as well as the increase of their share and significance for ensuring the financial sustainability and the competitiveness of economic entities. The concept of intellectual property, intellectual capital and intangible assets are discussed. The initial stages of establishing the non-financial reporting abroad are characterized; the main reasons of insufficiency of existing statements meeting the needs of internal and external users, including investors, are underlined.


intangible assets, intellectual property, intellectual capital, competitiveness, innovative development of economics, economics of Russia, economics of knowledge, competitiveness of organizations, financial statement, market value, investments

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