The role of intangible assets in the corporate management of mercantile business: market and network aspects

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PDF: Author(s): Kopylov S. I., Kustova N. A., Vasilenko I. V.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The article examines the role of the intangible assets, such as human, organizational and information capitals, in the corporate management of mercantile business of the real and virtual markets. Constant transformations in the company external environment provoke changes of the corporate culture as the modern means of management. The role of the personnel competences in, which level depends on the condition of the above mentioned capitals, is significant. The peculiarities of establishing and application of such capitals in the multi-level economics have been determined. More favorable conditions for establishing the corporate culture within the frame of the network relations are created in the conditions of wider spread of information and knowledge, values and rules of behavior of the network participants. The network corporate culture is based on trust and mutual responsibility of the personnel.


intangible assets, corporate management, network aspect, mercantile business, virtual market, corporate culture, network economics, economics

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