The role of technology in provision quality of agricultural products

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PDF: Author(s): Volkova I. A.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The technique of evaluation of the existing quality system has been developed. Assessment is carried out according to such criteria as the resource potential, maintenance, manufacturing processes, productivity, staff qualifications, organization structure, production management, and quality. The advantages of this technique and the key points of the application have been identified. The results are presented using the SWOT-analysis, and the cause-and-effect diagram of Ishikawa. The basic reasons for the low quality of agricultural products depending on the technology used have been detected. The program of quality control of agricultural products and labor of agricultural organizations with regards to the applicable technologies has been developed; it defines the criteria for evaluating the work of managers and specialists of agricultural organizations.


agricultural organizations, quality, technology, self-assessment, evaluation criteria, SWOT-analysis, causeand-effect diagram of Ishikawa, quality management program, agriculture

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