The current state of the labour market in Russia: issues and trends of development

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PDF: Author(s): Belikova E. V., Syrbu A. N.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The formation of the labor market in modern Russia is complicated by the long historical period of the lack of activity of the market mechanism of economics regulation, by the difficult economic situation connected with the large-scale restructuring in the period of the economic reform, and by the unfavorable demographic situation. The current situation fundamentally differs from the economic recession. The problems of identification of the alternative sources of labor are identified. The state of employment in almost all economic activities is analyzed. Marketing activities attracting skilled workers to the Russian companies is evaluated. The article analyzes the main trends characterizing the functioning of the modern labor market and identifies the key issues of its development.


labor market, economically active population, level of employment, latent unemployment, alternative sources of labor resources, market mechanism of the economics regulation, demand for labor, full employment, jobs, level of unemployment, lack of labor offers

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