Management of public-private partnership as the unity of the process and project management

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PDF: Author(s): Mansurov A. M.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The phenomenon of public-private partnership and the use of its forms and principles in the process of implementation of infrastructure projects are examined in the article. The author pays attention to the problems of arrangement of public-private partnership in different forms, using different methods of its arrangement. The analysis of practical use of public-private partnership pointed out the necessity of using the unity of process management and project of management. The necessity of using these methods together is explained by the specificity of the infrastructure projects implementation management. The author proves the necessity of the public-private partnership management. He pays attention to the need of the dialogue between the members of public-private partnership and the regional and municipal authorities.


public-private partnership, project management, process management, partnering, principles and methods of public-private partnership, types of agreements of public-private partnership, basic and specific functions of management, key players of public-private partnership, infrastructure projects, process of negotiations, making constructive decisions, stages of negotiation, transformation of public-private partnership into the long-term fruitful cooperation

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