Management of educational innovations: socio-cultural aspect

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PDF: Author(s): Babitch T. V., Ivanov A. S.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The article has investigated the socio-cultural bases of innovation in education. The basic socio-cultural aspects of educational innovations in different historical periods and in different organizational cultures have been revealed. The basic problems of introduction of the educational innovations in the conditions of the postmodern culture have been examined. The link and the conflict between technological innovations in the contemporary education and the meaningful innovations important for improving the quality of educational institutions have been emphasized. The conclusions about the necessity of substantial rethinking of the management processes of innovations in the educational environment of universities have been made.


educational innovations, management, university education, socio-cultural paradigms, educational environment, organizational culture, episteme, innovative training, competence-based approach, axiological approach, informatization of education

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