Economic nature and theoretical fundamentals of emergence of the category «labor efficiency»

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PDF: Author(s): Tzygankov V. A.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The present article has retrospectively theoretical character and is based on a number of the substantiated scientific provisions of the domestic and foreign authors, who review a problem of labor efficiency in their scientific works. This problem has been keeping the importance throughout several centuries and represents doubtless interest not only for specialists-theorists, but also for practical economists. Labor efficiency remains the most important and demanded indicator nevertheless dynamic changes in the sphere of the economic thought and economics as a whole. The appeared number of modern approaches to evaluation of labor efficiency deserves great attention and analysis from the point of view of their practical application. At the same time, the science keeps the principle of evolutionary development that requires a comprehensive analysis of the already received results, to the author’s estimation of which the attention of readers is attracted in the article.


efficiency, labor efficiency, economic growth, factors of economic growth, labor division, labor cost, labor performance, integral indicators of efficiency, human resources, labor potential, social labor productivity, economic efficiency rate

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