Externalities of corruption in economic system

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PDF: Author(s): Abubakirov R. M.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

In the article the author analyzes the problems, which explain the meaning of corruption as a social process. The author analyzes the role of negative externalities of corruption and the main directions of the negative externalities of corruption. The author pays attention to the economic, social and legal and institutional reasons of corruption. He examines the anticorruption methods and forms of preventing corruption. The author discusses and exploits the role of the international organizations in the struggle with corruption. The specificity of corruption nature is demonstrated based on self- regulation and self-reproduction.


externalities of corruption, institutionalization of corruption, realization of corruption, classification of reasons of corruption, degradation of social processes, global corruption, bribes, economic, social and law reasons of corruption, institutional approach to corruption, invasion of corruption, transplantation of corruption, corruption mechanism, deformation and dysfunction of corruption, imported institutes, transplantation of institutes

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