The real time electronic tools of distance learning in the professional training of the unemployed citizens

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PDF: Author(s): Vakhovskiy E. V., Vinokurov A. Y.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The article examines the development of electronic tools of distant professional training of unemployed citizens in the real time. The authors developed requirements for an integrated e-learning system of the real-time mode, including requirements to functionality, implemented tools, and the UI. The integrated cloud-based e-learning system of the real-time mode InteraLearning was developed for the first time that united the tools of the real-time mode and the classic network tools of e-learning in the cloud environment. It is shown that the integrated approach of the electronic education technologies of the real-time mode are effective tools for professional training of unemployed citizens in remote areas, allowing to provide high quality of training at acceptable costs.


employment, training of the unemployed citizens, distance learning, e-learning, real-time, tools, videoconferencing, remote computer control, LCMS, e-learning system, InteraLearning

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