Harmonization of the regulatory-legal enactments in the area of the social security of judges of Ukraine

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PDF: Author(s): Sapon A. V.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The article studies the harmonization of the regulatory-legal enactments in the area of the Ukrainian judges’ social security. The research analyzed the attitude of the scientists towards the definition of the term «harmonization»; the requirements to harmonized regulatory-legal enactments are highlighted; the condition of harmonization of national regulatory-legal enactments regarding the judges’ social security is examined. It is determined that harmonization of the international legal regulation of judges’ social security is performed in two ways: by using of the international enactments after ratification and through the formulation and fixing of the general principles in the domestic legislation in the main uniform basic law that are included in the above international norms. It is proved that the Law of Ukraine «On the judicial system and the judges’ status» has combined almost all rules regarding the legal regulation of the judges activity in Ukraine, having performed the unification of law, determined their status and role in the state. It is proved that this law meets the requirements of the international documents regarding consolidation in the constitution or laws of the country of the guarantees of the judicial authorities’ independence.


harmonization, legal enactment, social security, judges

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