Competence as the fundamental element of the legal status of the administrative court in Ukraine

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PDF: Author(s): Korotkyh A. Yu.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The article reveals the essence of the competence of the Administrative Court. The definition of the concept of «competence» is given and its main elements: functional, objective, territorial and procedural, are highlighted. It is proved that the activity of the court representing by the judge (judges) is de­monstrated at the stage of the administration case consideration. The court at this stage is a control entity that provides for the sequence of actions, which, in its turn, is he prerequisite for making a substantiated decision for the case. It is determined that since the procedural competence of the administrative court reveals the mechanism of justice administering at every stage of the case fulfillment by the court, then it requires special attention, because the accuracy and impartiality of making decision in the case depends on activities performed by the court.


competence, administrative court, legal status, administration law, administrative courts, court, responsibility, appeal, legislation

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