Professional motivation as the prerequisite of effective professional activity of the civil servants

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PDF: Author(s): Reksha A. V.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The article reveals the nature and the value of professional motivation in the context of improving the efficiency of the civil servants’ professional activities. Its impact on the establishing of the prestige of civil servants’ activity is examined. It is determined that professional motivation of the civil servant is the totality of internal and external driving forces that inspire the civil servant for better performance of his duties, determine his effective behavior and orient to achieving the highest personal goals. It is proved that professional motivation as the prerequisite of civil servants’ effective professional activity is a complex structure that contributes to professional and career development of the civil servants, provides for appropriate office activity, fulfills fair and transparent payment, and quality training of specialists.


professional motivation, effectiveness, professional activity, civil servants (office employees)

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