Self-regulation within social regulation of the business relationship

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PDF: Author(s): Stadnik I. V.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The paper studies features of the self-regulation of the business relationship, its place and role within social regulation. Main approaches to specifying definition and matter of the selfregulation have been analyzed. Characteristic features of the self-regulation as well as its interaction with legal regulation of business relationship have been defined. It is stated, that the market self-regulation and legal self-regulation are not identical definitions, as the market self-regulation is a non-legislative concept, being a system of objective economical regularities without any features of normative documents. There are good reasons to state, that the self-regulation in special juristic meaning is so far a local thing, being an element of legal regulation of business relationship.


self-regulation, business relationship, economic agent market participants, market law, features of self-regulation, principles of self-regulation, self-regulated organizations, legal regulation, independent self-regulation moral values of society

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