Transformation of the subject of the constitutional law during the constitutional reform

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PDF: Author(s): Dashin A. V., Klochko E. N., Romanov M. Yu.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The issues of changing of the constitutional law occurring in the course of the constitutional reform are examined in the article. These transformations are caused by the following reasons: changes in the system of public relations; establishing of qualitatively new constitutional institutions resulted from the social and economic changes in the Russian Federation. Presidency institution is the young institution causing interest of researchers owing to insufficient development of its constitutional norms. Distribution of the united state power into three relatively independent and sovereign branches avoids possible abuses of power and emergence of the totalitarian state administration, which is not restricted by the law.


president, presidency, parliament, institute, constitutional law, Constitution, Federal Assembly, legislative authorities, executive authorities, judicial authority

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