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PDF: Author(s): Klochko E. N., Kobozeva E. M.,
Number of journal: 4(41) Date: November 2017

In article development of ethnoeconomy is considered as a possibility of overcoming an imbalance in the agrarian sector of the country, generation in rural territories of alternative types of agricultural activity taking into account specifics of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation. The carried-out short analysis of the narrowed and expanded interpretations of a definition «ethnoeconomy», has revealed need of addition of expanded interpretation of this term innovative komponenty that will allow to give to traditional forms of managing a new look or to carry out production of ethnic goods according to the latest technologies. Authors have considered theoretical prerequisites of formation of the Cossack farms of innovative type as innovative elements of economic space of the territory.


ethnoeconomic capacity of the territory, regional economic system, country people, agrarian sector of the country, natural forms of managing, strategic contracts, bodies of the regional power, agricultural territories, ethnos, extensive type of development.

For citation:

Klochko E. N., Kobozeva E. M. Region ethnoeconomies: potential, funktions. development barries // Business. Education. Law. 2017. No. 4 (41). P. 38–42.