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PDF: Author(s): E. A. Bachenina, G. R. Danilova, Zhuravleva M. S.,
Number of journal: 4(61) Date: November 2022

Volleyball is a fast game where a second of delay can cost victory or defeat, so athletes need to have a good level of technical and tactical training, the foundation of which is general and special physical fitness. During the whole game, volleyball players have favorable opportunities for the manifestation of all physical qualities, techniques for performing elements of the game of volleyball, game thinking, which are necessary for defensive and offensive players to respond in a timely manner to the movement of the ball, the movements of partners and rivals on the court. Volleyball players aged 16—17 have the opportunity to get into the sport of the highest achievements — the youth or the top league. However, it is quite difficult for young volleyball players, who, in comparison with professional athletes, have almost no experience, to replace the players of the starting lineup. To achieve this goal, female volleyball players aged 16—17 must have a good level of technical skill and a diverse arsenal of technical or tactical actions in defense and offense. The article reveals the topical issues of the methodology for improving the training process of volleyball players aged 16—17 years, which allows optimizing the training process by increasing technical skills in defense; the content of the experimental methodology, including four sets of special exercises to improve the technique of performing defense actions in volleyball, is outlined. The authors substantiate the significance and effectiveness of the application of the developed methodology in the training process of volleyball players aged 16—17 years to improve technical skills in defense. The article presents a comparative analysis of the indicators of technical skills in defense of the studied volleyball players for the entire period of the experiment. A separate section of the article is devoted to discussing the results of the study.


volleyball players 16—17 years old, defense, technical skills, methods of improvement, exercise complexes, comparative analysis, modern volleyball, game actions

For citation:

Danilova G. R., Bachenina E. A., Zhuravleva M. S. Methods to improve technical defense skills of female volleyball players aged 16—17. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 4, pp. 339—343. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.61.422.