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PDF: Author(s): Biletova T. G., Lapshova E. S., Milokhova I. D.,
Number of journal: 4(61) Date: November 2022

Labor market requirements to the level of foreign language proficiency of specialists determined the increase in demand for foreign language training programs in additional education. Currently, additional educational services provide numerous short-term training courses. At the same time, the issues of developing new programs for teaching foreign languages to adult learners that would reflect changes in the modern world not solved completely. Internet resources have a high didactic potential, which makes it possible to solve both didactic and educational tasks. The purpose of the study is to develop and test pedagogical technology for teaching adults studying foreign languages (English, German) in short-term courses within the framework of additional education programs. Methodological basis of the research is theoretical analysis of philosophical, psychological, methodological and pedagogical literature; empirical methods: observation, questioning, testing, content analysis. Social networks and a blog (weblog) are used as pedagogical teaching technology. As a result of the research, the pedagogical technology of teaching foreign languages to adult learners in short-term courses has been developed, tested and put into practice, which can be used in the practical activities of foreign language teachers, as well as in the development of teaching aids and courses on teaching foreign languages, in particular, distance learning. The practical significance of the research is the possibility of applying the obtained results in the practice of teaching foreign languages (English, German) in additional education.


additional education, short-term courses, adult learners, pedagogical technology, information technology, interactive methods, adult education, Internet resources, social networks, blog (weblog)

For citation:

Biletova T. G., Lapshova E. S., Milokhova I. D. Pedagogical technology of teaching foreign languages (English, German) to adults in additional education. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 4, pp. 476—480. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.61.461.