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PDF: Author(s): Markinova E. V.,
Number of journal: 4(61) Date: November 2022

Today, the issue of anti-corruption education among students is acute, which is aimed at improving legal literacy in the framework of combating corruption, as well as the formation of intolerance towards corrupt behavior, the creation of a moral image and a stable point of view. One of the goals of the national anti-corruption plan for 2021—2024 is to counter corrupt behavior, including the formation of intolerance towards corruption among university students. In this connection, the issues of anti-corruption education at the university are important. On the basis of scientific works, the article reveals the problems of vocational education, as well as the main problems that cause corruption as one of the factors of sociocultural deformation that can affect the formation of youth standards of behavior in accordance with legal and moral and ethical standards. The article analyzes the data of an anonymous survey of students of an engineering university as part of the optional course “Actual problems of combating corruption”. The purpose of anonymous questioning is to obtain feedback from students to assess their attitude to corruption and its manifestations. Also, the survey is aimed at understanding the level of legal literacy of students at the university. Based on the results of the survey, conclusions are presented that make it possible to characterize the attitude of students towards corruption, as well as to form intolerance to corrupt behavior. According to the data obtained, the level of anti-corruption education among students is determined. The results show a vector in which it is necessary to continue work in order to improve the process of forming anti-corruption behavior


engineering university, anti-corruption, elective course, students, anti-corruption education, student survey, higher education, anti-corruption behavior, legal literacy, educational process, anti-corruption worldview

For citation:

Markinova E. V. Countering corruption through the prism of the educational system. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 4, pp. 496—500. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.61.473.