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PDF: Author(s): Pyankova A. E.,
Number of journal: 4(61) Date: November 2022

The issues of upbringing will never lose their relevance. A seemingly well-researched field constantly poses quite serious questions and challenges to educators. The process of upbringing is closely linked to all of today’s rapidly developing areas, so it is particularly important to improve and constantly develop the methods of upbringing and to employ all new tools for this purpose. Increased attention has recently been paid to the educational process. There is an urgent need to develop a comprehensive program in the field of upbringing. It should be noted that upbringing issues in educational organizations have taken interest at the highest level. On 1 March 2022, the government added the post of advisor to the director on upbringing and interaction with children’s public associations to the nomenclature. In the current academic year 2022—2023, 45 subjects of the Russian Federation will begin their work with a renewed position, namely the advisor to the director on upbringing. It is planned that already in the next academic year all educational organizations will have such advisors. To date, this institution is at the stage of formation, much is still unclear, some issues remain unresolved and legally unsettled. This, in turn, generates the relevance of the topic under consideration. The research methodology is based on the application of general scientific methods, including analysis and description. The article analyzes the advantages of introducing the new position in an educational institution, formulates conclusions confirming the need to establish requirements for candidates for the position, and determines the importance of establishing job responsibilities for the advisor. The conclusions and suggestions formulated in the work can be used in educational activities.


upbringing, job responsibilities, competition, childhood navigators, portfolio, professional institutions, psychology, Russian student movement, advisor to the director on upbringing, educational institutions

For citation:

Pyankova A. E. Advisor to the director on upbringing: work practice. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 4, pp. 500—504. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.61.487.