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PDF: Author(s): Drondin A. L., Gorodetskaya S. V.,
Number of journal: 4(61) Date: November 2022

The concept of competitiveness of the university is now firmly embedded in the scientific terminology of the academic community. With different approaches to the interpretation of this concept, most experts agree that the most important criterion for the competitiveness of a university is the quality of learning outcomes. Like almost all elements of the domestic socio-economic sphere, higher education has been seriously tested against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020—2021 and the special operation in Ukraine in 2022. Quality management of modern domestic higher education requires a serious rethinking in the field of current events. Analytical studies of changes in approaches to the quality of education revealed during the COVID-19 pandemic have appeared in scientific publications. During 2022, not only scientists, but also politicians started talking about the necessary changes in the field of education. All these opinions require analysis, deepening and generalization. The almost two-decade-long existence of the Russian higher school within the framework of our country’s accession to the Bologna process also requires serious reflection. It seems impractical to completely deny the usefulness of this attachment. At the same time, it seems necessary to analyze specific shifts in the quality of domestic higher education in positive and negative aspects through the prism of the Bologna process. The article examines the problems of quality management of higher education in Russia in the light of the great challenges of recent years, attempts to analyze the necessary trends in quality management of higher education in modern conditions and develop recommendations for its improvement in line with the positions of numerous stakeholders of higher education.


higher education, competitiveness of the university, employment of graduates, academic community, main professional educational program, employer, state accreditation, professional and public accreditation, professional standard, stakeholder

For citation:

Drondin A. L., Gorodetskaya S. V. Quality management of higher education in modern condition. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 4, pp. 549—552. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.61.496.