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PDF: Author(s): Chumakova E. V.,
Number of journal: 2(19) Date: May 2012

The factors having significant affect on the efficiency of activity of different models of corporate management are studied in the article. The activity of the board of directors defined by its structure and qualitative composition is the subject to fundamental analysis. The conceptual and theoretical approach proposed by the author allowed reasonably formulating the number of hypotheses concerning the impact of different hidden, “endogenous” factors on the corporate relations and efficiency of management. The author has proved the productivity of application of different mathematical analytical indicators (correlative, multifactor analysis, etc.) for these purposes. The special role is given to the Tobin’s Q ratio as the integral indicator of the added value of intangible assets caused by the human factor (qualification, professionalism, staff’s personal abilities, etc.). The proposed algorithm of analysis allows forecasting the options of development of different models of corporate management.


structure of the board of directors, chief executive officer, independent director, “endogenous” factor, theory of agency costs, structure of property, Tobin’s Q ratio, corporation, management, human factor

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